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Other than Calvin and Hobbes, I’m not much of a comic guy. There’s been a number of contributors in the web design arena who have advocated using comics to communicate a user’s experience interacting with an information system (web or client). Typically, I think of the folks over at OK/Cancel, but I know others, such as Dan Brown, are influenced by Scott McCloud.

Today I came across a post by Martin Hardee of the Sun Design Team. His team has been using comics to convey user experiences with the site. Interestingly, he has provided a template that is freely available to use, provided you have access to Sun’s Office suite (OpenOffice is freely available). Unfortunately, I am unable to install OpenOffice on my work machine, so I’ll have to look at the template when I get home.

As I mentioned to Martin, since I’m an information architect without the gift of artistic design, I am eager to use any existing templates. I’m a visual learner by nature, so having the ability to succinctly depict user experience issues to technical teams or end users alike in a visual (versus text) format is something I hope to do more of in the future. I truly hope that the template will provide some good images like that seen below. Thanks to Martin and Sun for graciously allowing me to copy content from his blog and repost it here.

Click here to see an example of the comic template in action.

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Tufte in DC

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This from Dan

“During my talk at the last UX Week in August, I mentioned Edward Tufte, who has done lots of work in the area of information visualization. (You may have seen PeterMe‘s review of Tufte’s new book Beautiful Evidence on his site – here, here, and here.) Tufte’s work can inform how we
develop user experience documentation.

Tufte will be giving his workshop in the DC area Nov 14-16 this year at the Marriott Crystal Forum. I *highly* recommend this session. The session is a full day, and costs $360. This includes ALL FOUR BOOKS!

You can learn more about his workshop here:

If you do attend, please let me know! Perhaps DCIA will host a happy hour in which attendees can share what they learned!”

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Findability in DC Webcast

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Ambient Findability

The Library of Congress has posted its webcast of Peter Morville’s July 20th talk on Ambient Findability. I found the talk to be most informative since we often do not consider “search” when people look for information on web sites. Peter Morville is considered the father of Information Architecture. You can view the 45 minute webcast here.

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