The Social Life of Visualizations

Data Vizualization, Human Computer Interaction, Visualization


I thought I’d pass this along since we’re all interested in visualization and data visualization…

HCIL Seminar Series Presents:

Speaker: Martin Wattenberg, IBM Research,

Where: 3258 AV Williams Bldg, University of Maryland , College Park

Tuesday November 7th, 12:30pm

Talk: The Social Life of Visualizations


Visualization is often viewed as an efficient way of getting information out of a database and into an individual’s head. I argue that the value of many visualizations derives instead from their position in social systems involving two or more people. Through a series of examples from both science and art, I will discuss how this viewpoint leads to new directions, questions and design principles.


Martin Wattenberg is a research scientist at IBM, where he leads the Visual Communication Lab. His work focuses on new approaches to data visualization and collaboration. He is known for both applied and artistic visualizations, interpreting such disparate information sources as online communities, music, baby names, and stock market data. He holds a Ph.D. in mathematics from UC Berkeley.

Please visit:, For more information.

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