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This from the Official Google Blog:

“…We’ve been hearing about some pretty cool assignments from classrooms across the U.S. where teachers at all grade levels are using Google products to bring history lessons to life, illuminate new sources of information, and encourage sharing and collaboration. What we’ve also heard loud and clear is that teachers want more information about using Google products, and more connections to other educators who are using the web creatively. This is why we’ve launched a set of resources for K-12 educators today at the new Google for Educators site. Here you’ll find teachers’ guides for 12 Google products, including basic information about each, examples of how educators are using them, plus lesson ideas. We’re also offering some additional multimedia content, including lesson plans and videos from Discovery Education that use Google Earth and SketchUp, and a series of podcasts at Infinite Thinking Machine on innovative ways to use the web in the classroom…”

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One thought on “Google for K12 Educators

  1. This is an engaging scenario for a middle school language arts class.

    6th grade

    The student will use standard English conventions and proper spelling as appropriate to speaking and writing.

    Skills: using verbal and written communication in a real world situation.

    divide the class into 2 groups. One group is the business owners, the other is prospective employees. The business group creates a job application and develops interview questions. The other group is the job hunters, they fill out the applications and respond to the interviewers questions.

    This scenario enables the students to perform to the best of their abilities. The higher level students can work on the application and interview questions. The other group can work on answering the questions.

    Other standards include
    8. Continue to interpret and use a variety of non-verbal communication techniques to enhance meaning (e.g., posture, gestures, facial expressions, tone of voice, eye contact).
    2. Know and use rules for conversations.
    1.01 Continue to develop oral language and listening skills.
    1.02 Develop an understanding of the concepts of print.
    using correct grammar. Using correct speaking and listening, being able to effectively communicate with writing.

    The following are the tasks to be accomplished:

    Task: create a job application – addresses critical thinking and grammar and print format.

    Task: Interview someone – addresses verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

    Task: Fill out application – addresses using correct grammar, appropriately answering questions (reasoning).

    Task: send thank you note after interview – addresses proper business etiquette, grammar, knowledge of use of mail system.

    This scenario allows the students to practice English skills in a real world situation.

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