Online Mind Mapping?

Tools, Visualization

Gliffy Logo

The rage now is converting every MS Office application to the web (web 2.0) so you can access tools and files from anywhere, enabling better collaboration among team members. One suite of tools that comes to mind is Zoho, which includes most of the MS Office tools, but with less functionality.

This morning I read an article about Gliffy, a web tool that looks to provide Visio-like functionality. I wonder if it can provide the mind-mapping functionality like we were discussing? The cool thing is that we could easily embed the results into this site.


I think it might fit the bill – I signed up for free, played around with it for a minute or two, and am impressed with what I see. It can be exported in formats including specific image files, which could then easily get dumped into a Word document or put up on our web space.


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